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It's great to meet you. I'm Dion.
As a media professional I have become an essential voice that listeners and readers have come to recognize as their own. An accomplished radio professional, author, and trainer who uses my voice to help guide the lives of today’s youth while also promoting the importance of responsible parenting and youth engagement, I have made writing contributions to several online publications such as The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project,, and more.

As a speaker and trainer I have successfully delivered over 500 trainings and workshop presentations in 10 different states during my career. As a community leader I have worked to close the achievement gap and increase awareness about the importance of responsible fatherhood.

I am a dynamic speaker for parents, teachers, coaches, school administrators, and mentors. Combining my vast knowledge of pop culture, mass media, and technology with the insight of connecting with the needs of millennials I am able to spark change, and invigorate those with a desire to have a better understanding of today’s youth.

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What My Wonderful Partners Say

  • Wow! I recently attended a workshop conducted by Dion Chavis. I was really impressed with the content, presentation, and how well Mr. Chavis knew the material and related to the audience. I would highly recommend the workshop for teachers and human service professionals. The workshop will allow staff to stay current and help to bridge the gap that sometimes exists between adults and youth.

    Kenneth Perry Vice President of Operations, Methodist Home For Children
  • Mr. Chavis is not only engaging and energetic but most importantly he possess the ability to teach audiences how to empower very at-risk populations using real-life proven strategies. These skills are not often easy to find in one professional, however, Mr. Chavis embodies them all and much more. Learning from Mr. Chavis is always a treat and I look forward to many more opportunities.

    Nichole Drummond Deputy Director, Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center

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